AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals


You will be able to record affiliate commissions whenever a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by an affiliate thanks to the feature known as “Recurring Referrals.” You don’t have to limit the commission that you pay out to affiliates to simply the initial signup; you may choose to offer them a commission on each payment that members make during the duration of their membership.

If you do not check the box to Enable Recurring Referrals and set a Recurring Rate and a Recurring Rate Type, it will use the referral rate and percentage that are associated with the applicable affiliate. To enable recurring referral tracking for the supported platforms, simply check the box to Enable Recurring Referrals. When this feature is enabled, referrals will be automatically recorded whenever a renewal payment is made for a subscription that was referred by an active affiliate. Once this feature is activated, it will remain enabled until disabled.

You also have the option to “Enable Recurring Referral Limits” and “Set a Numeric Value” to limit the number of recurring referrals that are made for recurring payments. These are additional settings that you can configure. And finally, if you use our premium add-on Tiered Affiliate Rates, you will see an additional checkbox that allows you to enable tiered rates to be utilised for recurring payments. This checkbox is only visible if you use our pro add-on.

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