Gravity Forms Zoho CRM


With the help of the Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On, you’ll be able to swiftly integrate the Zoho CRM platform with your WordPress forms. You can add new sales leads after form submissions, as well as create new contacts in your Zoho CRM or change existing ones.

Zoho will revolutionise the way you do your work! Zoho is a robust CRM solution for growing organisations and enterprises. It offers a complete CRM that covers all aspects of the customer relationship management process. You can also effortlessly add new contacts and leads into your Zoho mailing lists and sales pipelines by using the Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Add-On.

You may link Gravity Forms with Zoho CRM only when you want to by utilising the built-in conditional logic of Gravity Forms. You will have more control over the information that is entered to your Zoho CRM if you set criteria on form submissions and ensure that new contacts and leads are only created if the conditions are satisfied.

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