AffiliateWP Affiliate Dashboard Sharing


Sharing of the Affiliate Dashboard enables your affiliates to simply share the referral URLs that they have generated, and this can be done directly from their affiliate dashboard. You can significantly increase the likelihood that your affiliates will promote your products and services by making it simple for them to share.
When a new URL is generated, the social sharing networks are likewise updated to reflect the new URL. This happens whenever a new URL is generated.

A link that is located underneath the sharing icons allows affiliates to share their referral URL with others. When the button is clicked, the default email client for the affiliate will be launched. The email will have a subject line that has already been filled in, and the affiliate’s referral URL will be included in the email body.

Affiliates are able to email others their unique referral URL.
There is a choice to make regarding the default email subject line, and there is also a choice regarding the addition of a brief introduction to the body of the email.

The affiliate referral URL that is displayed to the affiliate will, in the same way that it does for the other methods of sharing, be determined by the settings for the Default Referral Format and Pretty Affiliate URLs options found in the General tab of the Affiliates settings. These two parameters determine how the referral URL is shown to the affiliate, however all affiliate URLs will function as expected out of the box.

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