AffiliateWP Affiliate Landing Pages Addon


Affiliate Landing Pages gives you the ability to construct separate landing pages for your affiliates, which they can advertise independently of an affiliate link that you provide.
Make a landing page and give it a specific attribution.
You now have the ability, thanks to Affiliate Landing Pages, to generate and designate a specific landing page (page or post) to each of your affiliates (or even to certain special affiliates). This landing page might display in-depth information about the affiliate, present content that is exclusive to them, show stuff that was produced by them, or show whatever else you want it to! The absolutely faultless integration that Affiliate Landing Pages has with WordPress and the standard editor that comes with WordPress is possibly the most attractive feature of this plugin. Construct a landing page, and then give it to one of your affiliates to manage. Easy!


There is no requirement for an affiliate link!

Some individuals are very skilled at recognising an affiliate link when they see one. They look at the URL in the status bar of the browser while they are hovering over the link. This occurs more frequently than you might imagine; individuals have a natural curiosity about where a link will take them. Some affiliate links may appear to be “shady” due to the presence of lengthy query strings and an assortment of odd characters. Others have a complete aversion to clicking on affiliate links because they are aware that someone will receive a commission on a transaction made as a result of their clicking the link.


It is a lost opportunity for a sale on your part whenever a prospective buyer decides against clicking on an affiliate link in your marketing materials. Why should I accept the risk?


When you use Affiliate Landing Pages, your affiliate link will be completely hidden from view. Customers who are considering making a purchase from your website are more likely to do so if they click the link.

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