AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs


AffiliateWP provides a large number of alternative affiliate URL variations, any of which can be used concurrently by your affiliates.
This is taken a step further with Custom Affiliate Slugs, which allows affiliates the ability to build their very own unique “slug.” A slug is the portion of the referral URL that is located in the space that is typically occupied by the username or ID of the affiliate.

Personalized affiliate slugs may be more relevant to the affiliate’s business name, more relevant to the affiliate’s marketing efforts, or completely random. They may also be more relevant to the affiliate’s marketing activities. Alternately, if one of your affiliates has a WordPress login on your site that they would prefer to keep confidential, they have the option of configuring a new custom slug that they may make use of in a manner that is more appropriate for their affiliate links.

Site administrators have the ability to enable custom slugs for all of their affiliates or just some of them. On the “Edit Affiliate” admin page, you have the option to alter or remove a custom slug that is associated with an affiliate. When adding a new affiliate, the setting of the custom slug is completely voluntary. A new column labelled “custom slug” will be included in the export of a list of your affiliates. This column will indicate the most recent custom slug assigned to each affiliate.

If your Default Referral Format is set to ID or Username, you can enable the Show Custom Slug option in the settings for Custom Affiliate Slug. When this option is enabled, the affiliate’s custom slug (if they have one) will be displayed on the Affiliate URLs tab of the Affiliate Area alongside the affiliate’s ID or username. This allows the affiliate to continue to use their ID or username.

When you install and activate Custom Affiliate Slugs, a new Custom Affiliate Slug option will also appear in the Default Referral Format select menu that can be found in the Affiliates Settings General tab of the admin interface. This gives you the ability to display an affiliate’s referral URL using their custom slug rather than the affiliate’s ID or username when showing it to them. Additionally, the affiliate will have the ability to construct a referral URL through the usage of the URL generator by appending their own custom slug (their ID or username will not be visible).

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