AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking


Through the use of Direct Link Tracking, affiliates are able to bypass the necessity for an affiliate link and link directly to your website.
This presents a significant incentive for your affiliates and has the potential to bring in additional revenue for your business.

If a visitor sees a link that looks like it came from one of your affiliates’ sites when they are on one of those sites, they will know that the affiliate will receive a commission if they click that link and end up purchasing one of your products. A visitor’s perception of the content of your website could be negatively affected by the presence of an affiliate link, causing them to refrain from clicking on the link. One of your potential customers who decides not to buy as a result of clicking on one of your affiliate links could be one less sale for you (and a missed commission for your affiliate).

When you use Direct Link Tracking, visitors will have no idea that your site has any affiliate links. This dramatically improves the likelihood that they will click on a link to your site and then go on to make a purchase. You will be happy because you will have more sales, and your affiliates will be happy because they will have greater earnings from their sales.

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