AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions


Through the use of the Lifetime Commissions add-on, a consumer can be connected to an affiliate, so granting the affiliate the ability to earn a commission on all future purchases made by the customer.
Any affiliate who is interested in promoting your products and services would benefit greatly from being offered lifetime commissions. As a direct result of the increased effort put in by your affiliates to establish a connection with a buyer, the volume of sales you generate will skyrocket.

Because of the connection that exists between the affiliate and the client, the affiliate will continue to receive a commission even if the customer deletes the cookies from their browser or uses a computer that is not their own.

The workings of it
Customers are immediately connected to an affiliate if they make a purchase from your website after clicking on an affiliate’s referral URL and making a purchase from your site. Even if the customer comes to your website directly, the associated affiliate will still receive a commission on subsequent purchases made by the customer even if they return to your website to make additional purchases. One affiliate at a time is the only connection that may be made to a consumer.

When the client is not logged in and makes a purchase as a guest (without first logging in), the customer’s email address is utilised to look for the related affiliate. If they are connected into WordPress, the user ID associated with their account will be utilised.

Additionally, the updated email address of the buyer is saved with the linked affiliate if they ever use a different email address while purchasing (while logged in) or if they change their email address from their WordPress profile. This ensures that the linked affiliate will continue to collect commission on the sale even in the event that the consumer makes a purchase when they are not logged in to their account.

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