AffiliateWP Pushover Notifications


Pushover is a service that enables you to receive push notifications on your mobile device, regardless of whether it is powered by iOS or Android. This add-on for AffiliateWP gives your affiliates the option of connecting their mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, to your affiliate system, which is powered by AffiliateWP. Once connected, your affiliates will be able to receive push notifications whenever a new referral is added to their account.

After the add-on has been installed, a new tab labelled Pushover will be added to the screen where you manage your Affiliates’ preferences. On this tab, you will be prompted to input your Pushover Application key, which can be located in the settings for your Pushover account. After you have entered your application key, the Settings tab of the Affiliate Area will feature a new box where each affiliate can input their Pushover User Key. This field will become available as soon as your application key has been entered.

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