Gravity Forms Constant Contact


With the help of the Gravity Forms Constant Contact Add-On, you can quickly expand your mailing list. Send customised email campaigns meant to connect with recipients, keep them engaged, and ultimately result in conversions. New leads can be automatically added to your mailing list in Constant Contact.

Constant Contact provides its customers with a set of tools that can help them achieve the outcomes they desire for their businesses. With Constant Contact, you are able to take charge of your email marketing campaigns and use them to build your business. The software provides you with fully configurable email templates, real-time reporting, and sophisticated analytics.

Utilizing our Constant Contact Add-On, we can ensure that the integration of your forms is smooth and hassle-free. Installing the add-on and syncing your Gravity Forms account with your Constant Contact account is all that is required. After you have successfully linked, you will have the ability to immediately begin automatically adding new members to your email list whenever a form is submitted.

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