Gravity Forms HubSpot


Do you need a customer relationship management system (CRM) to help you organise and manage your relationships and interactions with prospects and customers? If this is the case, there is no need to look any farther than HubSpot, which is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform that will support your company on every stage of its journey.

Strong and Flexible Marketing System

HubSpot is a sophisticated marketing platform that focuses on assisting businesses in their efforts to expand by automating business operations and keeping data in a centralised location. This helps HubSpot promote the growth of enterprises.


HubSpot enables businesses to organise email lists, track interaction, nurture connections, and much more, which eventually results in an increase in conversions. HubSpot is ideal for marketing, sales, and customer support teams, as well as small business owners.


Integration That Is Effortless

You’ll be able to combine HubSpot and your forms without any hiccups if you use the Gravity Forms HubSpot Add-On. Once everything is set up, you’ll have the ability to have any new form data sent immediately to the dashboard of your HubSpot account, where you can manage, track, and organise your contacts.


Create & Update Contact Profiles

A contact record is automatically created or updated in your HubSpot CRM with the most recent information whenever a visitor fills out a form on your website. This record contains the visitor’s information.


You will have the ability to view the specific pages that they viewed on your website, as well as the forms that they filled out and the topics that interest them. This will strengthen your communication, allowing you to send emails that are more specifically targeted and to have conversations that are more specifically tailored to you.


Take Command of the Data

The HubSpot Add-On grants you control over the form entry data you transmit to HubSpot as well as the behaviour of that data once it is received in the CRM. This power is granted to you in exchange for a small fee. You can choose which contact data you want to collect, assign new contacts to a particular HubSpot member, and even use conditional logic to only deliver form entries if particular conditions have been met on submission of the form. All of these options are available to you through the HubSpot platform. This guarantees that your HubSpot dashboard contains the appropriate information regarding the appropriate individuals.

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