Gravity Forms Multilingual


Through the use of WPML, you are able to translate into different languages the texts that are displayed in your Gravity Forms on your website. After being translated, the front-end of the form will automatically display in the appropriate language after it has been completed.

Check out our Getting Started Guide if this is your first time using WPML. It will rapidly guide you through the various translation possibilities that are available to you.

Before beginning the process of translating your forms, check the No-Conflict Mode setting on the Forms > Settings page to ensure that it is not active. You will not be able to translate the form if this option is selected since the language switcher in the top admin bar will be disabled.

You can translate a form by editing it and then hovering your mouse over the language switcher. In this section, you will have the opportunity to choose the language that the form will be shown in, as well as to submit the form for translation into another language.

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