Gravity Forms Twilio


Integrate your forms with the Twilio SMS service in order to receive a notification in the form of a text message that can be personalised via SMS as soon as a payment is received or a form is filed.

Do you wish to be alerted as soon as an order is placed through the use of an order form? Do you require information on the submission of a Request A Quote form? Using the Twilio SMS Add-On for Gravity Forms, you may now accomplish this goal.

Using the Gravity Forms Twilio Add-On, you can quickly and easily create any web form to immediately send an SMS notification message to you whenever the form is submitted. Installing the add-on is simple, as does connecting your Twilio account with Gravity Forms. Finally, provide the phone number at which you would like to receive the form notification SMS texts by clicking the “Enter” button.

You will be able to create conditions on form submissions by using the Twilio Add-On because it is compatible with the conditional logic feature that is already integrated into Gravity Forms. You will have control over the notifications you receive since you can choose whether or not to send an SMS message if certain circumstances are satisfied.

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