Gravity Forms Webhooks


Do you need to communicate data collected via a form on your WordPress website to another API? You’ll have the ability to do that and more with the Webhooks Add-On for Gravity Forms. Send data, such as form submissions, payment information, and more, in an uncomplicated manner to the third-party service of your choosing.

Even if there isn’t an official add-on available for the form on your website, the Webhooks Add-On will allow you to send the data collected from any form on your website to an external service or application. Installing the Webhooks Add-On is all that is required, followed by configuring the data that will be sent to the callback URL.

When a form is submitted, the Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On will allow you to send remote HTTP requests to other services. This functionality will be available to you automatically. GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE are the different types of Request Methods that are available. You also have the option of passing the data to the Request URL in a FORM or JSON format respectively.

You are able to configure one or more individualised HTTP request headers and define the data that is sent along with the request when you use the Webhooks Add-On. You have the option to send ‘All Fields,’ or you can choose to ‘Select Fields,’ which gives you the freedom to choose to send only certain form field data, entry meta, or a custom value. Doing so will display a text input that is compatible with merge tags.

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