YITH Automatic Role Changer for WooCommerce Premium


When certain events occur, the role of the users is automatically changed.
Because each customer is unique, and because they are aware of your pricing policies and how you deal with them, they will always want more, and if you don’t give it to them, they will become frustrated and seek out your competitors.

How many different kinds of clients do you have?

Some of them want to be treated differently than others because they buy a lot of products every month, others want to be privileged because they’ve been customers for a long time, and so on…

But, knowing that each of your customers has different needs, how could you possibly give each of them special treatment?

Sure, if we manage a small store, we can easily change the user role by using WooCommerce’s options, effectively giving them advantages that others do not, but when these customers number in the tens, twentys, or even hundreds, it may become a problem.

The most important thing is to automatically assign advantages to specific users!

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