YITH Best Price Guaranteed For WooCommerce


The simplest approach to stay current on market prices and avoid losing revenue
Pricing our items is never straightforward. The market moves so rapidly that, despite our best efforts, we frequently risk having our pricing higher than those of our competitors.

As a result, our goods will have few possibilities of being sold.

No matter how hard you think about it, you can’t come up with an explanation. You search for a solution on your shop’s website, monitor the annual trend, and keep an eye on your product’s search engine positioning and brand worth. Everything appears to be in order, but the product you added to your store has yet to generate a single sale.

Consumers are accustomed to seeking out the greatest deals available, and even a single dollar often makes a difference, even for your most loyal customers.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if customers could alert you when another shop is selling the same item for less?
This is why we created YITH Best Price Guaranteed for WooCommerce, a plugin that enables users to alert you about a lower-priced goods on another website in order to request a discount.

Immediately upon receipt of the request, you can decide to provide the discount and then alter the price in line with market conditions.
An additional tile for e-commerce optimization.

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