YITH Desktop Notifications For WooCommerce Premium


Maintain real-time updates on orders and sales, exactly like the most successful internet firms do.
Are you a fan of the sound of money? I’m certain you do! Since the minute you launched your e-commerce site, you’ve known that no sound is more satisfying than that of a completed sale.
When a customer makes a purchase from your online business, you want to be notified immediately to obtain that special sensation that only sales can provide.

It makes no difference what you are doing, whether you are checking your budget or meeting with your coworkers; you must be educated!

While you may believe that emails and text messages assist in this endeavour, they require you to constantly update your accounts.

How? YITH Desktop Updates for WooCommerce enables you to receive real-time notifications about orders and sales directly on your PC screen, providing a convenient and quick method to stay connected to your customers and their demands.

Each notification includes a link to the completed order, and you’ll have complete control over the look and tone of your communications, as well as the role that users will take.

This implies that you’ll be able to tell your shop manager about failed orders and notify admins about confirmed sales, among other things…

We’ve developed yet another plugin to provide you complete control over your website. Investigate it in detail to determine its full potential!

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