YITH WooCommerce Badge Management Premium


Make your products stand out with badges and increase sales in your shop
Research on e-commerce websites reveals that placing badges on products raises conversion rates by 55 percent . YITH WooCommerce Badge Management offers you with badges and the opportunity to manage them for the goods of your business.

Think about it: in your own personal experience, how exciting are the badges on things that go “50 percent off” or “Deal!” Without those badges, you wouldn’t have have known about those offers and the same happens with your customers: a badge system might highlight an offer, a new product or one that’s about to go out of stock.


It all leads towards the same objective: raising sales in your store.


There are various techniques to boost the conversion rate of e-commerce. Among which is the so-called product badging. Making the most of your items using graphic badges could help you improve sales by up to 55 percent .


This is the simplest technique to focus your customers’ attention onto popular products, featured products or the ones you want to advertise the most.


The plugin allows you to adjust text, colour, and location of the badge and offers you with a range of image-badges with a fresh and unique design. But not only this, you may manage and nearly automate badging for your shop, and at the same time manage badges individually for the products you prefer.

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