YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date Premium


Allow your customers to purchase right now: you never know if they will in the future!
Now is the best time to sell your belongings! Many customers do not purchase the item they want because they are not at home, are frequently at work, and do not want to receive it at that specific time, so they postpone the purchase and eventually stop buying.

You’ll have a lot fewer sales as a result of this! With YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date, you’ll be able to reconnect with this large segment of your customer base by allowing them to choose when they want to receive the item they bought, on which day, at what time, and via which courier, while the vendor is free to create a calendar displaying the days available and a minimum shipping time frame.

This plugin is ideal for regaining lost customers and creating dedicated services such as gift and product delivery to customers’ homes.

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