YITH WooCommerce Deposits and Down Payments Premium


Allow customers to pay in instalments for your products, and you won’t lose many customers who can’t pay in whole.
Isn’t it true that we’ve all done it: put down a deposit on a cool product and then pay the remainder later when we have more time? Customers see a product in your e-commerce, they want it, but for different reasons, they are unable to purchase it at that time (generally because they do not have enough money available). So, what happens next?
Those clients frequently leave the store. Unless you provide them the option to reserve the product and pay a deposit, ensuring that the desired product is theirs and will not be sold to others as a result of their deposit.

The YITH WooCommerce Deposit & Down Payments plugin can be an ace in your sleeve for your shop, especially if you sell middle- or high-priced goods: the greater the price of your goods, the easier it is to lose consumers who can’t pay the full amount right away.

Allow your clients to place a deposit and, in addition to rewarding them, you’ll see a rise in your shop’s conversion rate.

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