YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Premium


Increase consumer loyalty with targeted incentives and adjustable pricing policies.
Consider walking along a street in the city centre, surrounded by shops of every description. Which storefronts capture your attention? The answer is straightforward: those that provide special deals and discounts. Colorful posters advertising end-of-season specials, buy two get three deals, or everything for $10 till the end of the week are just a few of the most often employed commercial strategies.

Employ the same marketing strategies in your shop when you use YITH WooCommerce. Dynamic pricing and discounting: a great tool for creating targeted promotions that capture and retain your clients’ attention day after day. It’s a plugin that adds vitality to your e-commerce site and enables you to improve visits – and thus sales – by leveraging core marketing methods.

Discounts, special rates, promotions, incentives, and free products: the sky is the limit: with just one plugin, you may create hundreds of promotions to help your shop grow.

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