YITH WooCommerce Live Chat Premium


Exactly like it is in person
Recent study indicates that 70% of users use the chat function to request information: they do so to be reassured, to receive the human input that only a clerk physically can provide. And this is precisely the goal of YITH Live Chat, in an instantaneous and effective manner.

That is correct: while it is possible to communicate with our customers via email or contact modules, customers frequently request information as they are about to make a purchase, and their wait for an answer, however brief, may cause them to lose interest and have second thoughts about making the purchase. And this procedure results in decreased sales… Significantly less!

Users are reassured by direct touch, and when this is lost due to the screen, they require alternative means of reassurance.

With YITH Live Chat, users may ask questions and resolve doubts promptly, obviating the need for lengthy periods of time between the search or request for information and the actual purchase of the goods. It’s exactly like being in a physical store: users will have direct touch with the salesperson, developing a trusting relationship and enticing them to return because someone will always be available to listen and assist.

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