YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium


Respond to your consumers’ concerns and encourage them to make a purchase once and for all. Users who make online purchases are always hesitant to acquire a product they cannot see or touch.

Consider your prospective customers’ position: everything they know about the product is represented by an image and a few descriptive lines; they are unable to verify the specifics directly or to request additional information from a salesperson, as they would in a physical store. How many questions would they ask before to clicking the purchase button, and how frustrated would they be if they purchased blindly!


The more your clients’ desire for additional information about your products is met, the higher your e-conversion commerce’s rate will be. YITH WooCommerce Questions And Answers enables you to provide a positive response to any doubts your consumers may have about your products: you can use the plugin to create a FAQ section on each product detail page and add the most frequently asked questions and answers individually.


Similarly, your consumers will be able to easily and quickly write their queries and wait for you — or perhaps another client who has already purchased that particular product — to provide them with all the information they require. With YITH WooCommerce Questions And Answers, you’ll be able to communicate directly with potential consumers and reassure them as they approach the purchase: a true marketing tool that your shop cannot afford to overlook.

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