YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products Premium


Assist your consumers in locating the things they’re looking for and persuade them to buy with targeted emails and incentives.
Customers enter your store, examine an item, and intend to purchase it, but… something draws their attention away from the item, and they stop watching and postpone their purchase.

However, what if customers are unable to locate the item they were looking for when they return to your store? This is a pretty regular circumstance in which you miss out on a wonderful opportunity to make a deal!

Have you ever noticed how the world’s largest retailers, such as Amazon, provide a “Recently viewed products” section? While browsing the site, you will be shown products that you have previously viewed, as they are more likely to be purchased.

YITH WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products is a simple yet effective solution that exploits the navigation history of your e-commerce site’s users to show them the products they’ve recently viewed.

Additionally, you may develop a strong marketing plan and automate the distribution of coupons and special offers to entice people to purchase the things they are truly interested in.

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