YITH WooCommerce Role Based Prices Premium


A good technique to ensure that your users see the correct price
When suppliers form a partnership with you, they expect to be able to purchase on your site using a specific pricing list, easily and without the need for an unlimited number of emails or phone conversations with the administration for each order.

This would damage the beneficial collaboration, putting your user at risk of switching to another store.

The same phenomenon occurs with other client types, such as store managers, business partners, and customers who make large product purchases.
They are anticipating something from you.

It would be beneficial to be able to apply and display the appropriate price for each user role in your shop following their authentication.
Our “Role-based pricing” enables this in an incredibly simple and quick manner.

Additionally, you may choose to display the pricing (normal, on-sale, or role-based) or add to cart button for each individual user role to maintain full control.

Creating new roles is not possible with YITH WooCommerce Role Based Pricing. It manages only those that are already available. However, using the free Members plugin, you can establish new roles.

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