YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number Premium


Organize your orders as you see fit for easier administration.
A typical issue with all WordPress e-shops is providing an order numbering system that is too chaotic. Fortunately, with YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number, you’ll be able to customise the order numbering as you see fit, as well as manage free orders independently.

YITH WooCommerce Sequential Order Number was created to address one of the most vexing issues that e-commerce companies face.
By avoiding the issue of sequential numeration for all types of created elements (both articles and goods), the plugin gives you greater control over a sequential numeration for your store’s created order.

Furthermore, you have the option of excluding free orders from this numeration and recording them in a different numerical sequence. Your shop will be much more user-friendly, immediate, and specifically tailored as a result of the free use of dedicated prefixes and suffixes to manage your customers’ orders.

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