YITH WooCommerce Terms and Conditions Popup Premium


Terms and Conditions safeguard both you and your consumers. A pop-up window informing readers without requiring them to leave the page
Terms and conditions are an integral aspect of every website since they provide significant liability and security benefits to both users and administrators. Placing it in a pop-up window decreases the likelihood of users leaving the page.

Including Terms and Conditions on your website is one of the best steps a site owner can do, as it protects a website, particularly an e-commerce site, from potential legal conflicts.
Adding Terms and Conditions to the checkout page, on the other hand, is extremely dangerous because it may force customers to leave the page and disrupt the transaction. Terms and Conditions for YITH WooCommerce Popup enables the display of this type of legal information in a modal window, thereby speeding up and simplifying its consultation, while also providing a better service to your consumers without jeopardising the transaction itself.

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